Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Keep your Mzansi flag flying high

Be proud to keep your Mzansi flag
flying high, wherever you are.

  • South Africans are the real heroes of 2010. Comment on Danny Jordaan's salute to the fabulous people of South Africa.
  • We couldn't have said it better than Bobby Brown in his open letter to ex-pats abroad. Read his spine tingling story and pass it on. No-one says it better than a South African.
  • An estimated 695 000 jobs were created in the construction, roads,
    transport and the hospitality industry.
  • Even though we didn’t make it passed the first round Bafana Bafana
    inspired us all.
  • The world has been blown away by the hospitality South Africa has shown
    the rest of the world.
  • We’ve hosted the greatest Soccer World Cup yet. And R900 million was spent on Visa cards in this period!
  • The Cape experienced its second Dutch invasion, as fans of "Die Oranje"
    took the opportunity to explore their historical connection to South Africa.
  • Being black, white or yellow is in the past; we’ve open our hearts to each
    other and the rest of the world.
  • Whoever said white men can’t dance wasn’t referring to the ones in Mzansi.
    We’ve shown them we can, with the Diski Dance.
  • In typical South African style some new born babies have been named with
    2010 World Cup related names: Vuvuzela Mhlongo, Soccer-City Mthembu
  • The Makarapa and our “infamous” Vuvuzela have become international
    soccer fan paraphernalia.
  • Thulani Ngcobo's passion for football has scored him a place in sporting history, after he set a new Guinness World Record for the most FIFA World Cup matches attended by an individual at a single finals tournament. He claimed the record after watching his 21st full match on Friday, 25 June in Pretoria, where Spain beat Chile 2-1.
  • The number of foreigners that visited South Africa during the World Cup
    is estimated to be more than 1 million.
  • The 2010 World Cup has been in our warm hands and this will forever change the world’s perception of our country. South Africa has rolled out ubuntu in abundance.

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