Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Vuvuzela Moment – Blow your Vuvuzela at 12 Noon Today

The moment has come for Mzansi to stand up and create history. Let us unite with the sound of vuvuzelas today at 12 noon.
Lets go out there and do what Mzansi does best… blow our Vuvuzelas and show our support of Bafana Bafana and for the 2010 World Cup.
Vuvuzela Moment
“Vuvuzela moment” is an initiative which will bring Mzansi to a standstill, make the world stand up and take notice of Mzansi’s pride, its own heritage!
On the 9th of June 2010, 2 days before kick-off at exactly 12 o’clock, for 5 minutes, stop what you are doing, get your Vuvuzelas, and blow on it like never before. If you are in the car, hoot and let the sound be heard from Cape to Mpumalanga to KwaZulu-Natal and from KwaZulu-Natal to Limpopo!
The Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA) is inviting the travel industry to join them on June 9, two days before kick-off, for five minutes at 12h00 to blow your vuvuzelas like never before.
SATSA plans to line Hill Street in Randburg at 11h50 with vuvuzelas, makarapas and flags, or anything else y

ou have to show your support.

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