Thursday, 17 June 2010

Comparison between rugby and soccer



Health 24


An interesting article where they compare a rugby forward and back player with a soccer player.

The soccer player leads statistics, with the exception of the amount of energy burnt.


“Just a word on how this data is actually collected - the most common method is a system of cameras in the stadium, at fixed locations, which track players in their recognised 'grids'.  Some advanced software, complex trigonometry and mathematical algorithms is then able to put together a 2-dimensional reconstruction of where that player has moved, and how fast.”

  • Players make, on average, 18 tackles per match (sadly, in many cases, this also means a player will dive 18 times a match, feigning injury half the time - one of the scourges of football)
  • The make 15 headers per match
  • As mentioned, players make 100 sprints where they hit speeds in excess of 20km/h
  • Rugby players, on the other hand, are involved in far more "impacts", which comprise tackles, scrums, sudden stops, ruck involvements, mauls and so forth.

On occasion, a player will control, dribble, and pass, and may then find themselves with the "luxury" of possession for a 'whole' 3 to 4 seconds.

What if I told you that on average, a player will have a total of between 60 and 90 seconds of ball time in the entire 90 minutes?  Amazingly, this is the time that a player has to swing the match.



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