Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sock etiquette

When should I wear which socks?

No socks in summer? "Yes, go ahead."
Never with sandals? "Only if you want to look like a weirdo"
Can I wear white socks with dark shoes? "Oh hell no!"

These are the question going through people's minds for a brief second while making their daily clothing choices. While most of us momentarily weigh up these options, I was struck with this thought while on my homebound commute in a packed, sweaty London train.

I saw a young woman wearing quite trendy work clothes. You can clearly see she has spent enough time and money on what she is wearing, to know that she cares what others think of what she is donning at all times. The type that would put on makeup especially to go to the local store... to pick up milk.

I looked down and saw the footwear. With the pumps she was wearing, the blatantly offensive secret socks were to be seen, completely spoiling her time and money spent on this ensemble. This then sparked a debate in my head, weighing up Pros and Cons. Which leads me to make the following statement to all secret sock wearing members of society out there:

When wearing secret socks, keep them that way; otherwise you look like a fool. You are clearly wearing them to mask the fact that u are actually wearing socks. So if u are going to let them stick out, u might as well wear normal socks which provides better comfort. And trust me both are equally unappealing to the eye.

Contribution by: Kill Emilio

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